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One American Family

First Generation
William, Sr. / Providence Bryant

Second Generation
Samuel / Jane "Sally"?

Third Generation
John / Polly Dendy

Fourth Generation
Elizabeth / SJY Carlile


Although the last part of this letter is missing, leaving its author in doubt, it was almost certainly written by Elizabeth's daughter, Ida Clara Gaines. Ida Clara and Andrew Mattison Gaines (the "Matt" mentioned in the third paragraph) lived in Aragon at the time. "Mabel" in the fourth paragraph is the Gaines' daughter, Mabel Elizabeth, who was living in Buffalo, NY. Mabel was married to Price Roberts Jones. "Maime" in the last paragraph is another of the Gaines' daughters, Mary Antoinette, who married Thomas Burton Cunningham. Thanks to Maime's grandson, Ed Case, for filling in the blanks.

Aragon Ga
Jan 1 1913

Mrs Lizzie Carlile

My Dear Mother

This is the beginning of another and I thought I would begin by writting to you and mabe I would write more than I did last year one reason I don't write oftener is I never know wher to find you. We received your cars and was glad to hear from you I never hear from any of you except when Sallie writes I wish Maggie would write me one of her good old long letters like she used to. I would live to come and see you all but you know my ____ is bad to leave home

We have moved out in the woods just a little farther on the road from where we went to pick berries we all like out here fine I have a cow and a lot of nice chickens it is a little lonesom but I don't mind that the children are all going to school at Aragon so I am here a lot by myself but I keep busy most of my time.

I spent the day with Mrs. Lawson yeterday she is not well at all Matt is getting on very well he looks well and fat he cant eat meat except beef but he eats butter and eggs.

I had a letter from Mabel to day she was well she said she sent you a present for xmas but had not heard from you yet she sent us all something nice she said she got a lot of nice presents.

Mamie is living in Ara she taken dinner with us xmas day we had a nice dinner I wish you could have been...

The rest of this letter is missing