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One American Family

First Generation
William, Sr. / Providence Bryant

Second Generation
Samuel / Jane "Sally"?

Third Generation
John / Polly Dendy

Fourth Generation
Elizabeth / SJY Carlile


Signature of William Leak from Last Will & Testament signed Jan 7, 1807. The word seal appears afterward.
Contributed by Carol Gordon Papke.
First Generation

Born in Virginia in 1730, William Leak, Sr. married Providence Bryant in 1752. Providence, the daughter of Thurlo Bryant and Celilia Cissel of Baltimore, MD, was born Aug 31, 1731. Thurlo was born about 1680, and Cecile about 1701. Their children other than Providence, who was the youngest, were James, Benjamin, Mary, Ellinor, and Edward.

William and Providence lived in Caswell County, NC for a time before moving to Laurens County, SC. While in NC, William is listed on a Caswell County tax list in 1777, the state census in 1786, and mentioned in land records from 1777 through 1790 there.

William died about 1816 and Providence died about 1826.
Last Will & Testament

The Last Will & Testament of William Leak, Sr., as it appears in Will Book D-1, Laurens County, SC complete with missing letters, spelling errors, inconsistences, and actual sentence structure and puncuation, or lack thereof. Last Will & Testament courtesy of Carol Gordon Papke of Willis, TX, William's great, great, great, great, great granddaughter.

State of South Carolina
Laurens District
In the name of God Amen-------------------------
I William Leake Senr. being in perfect health Sound in sence and memory thanks be to God for his mercies Caulling to mind the mortallity of my body nowing that it is appointed for all men one to die do make and orda n this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul to the God that gave it me- and my Body I Request to be buried in a decent manner at the Discretion of my executors and tuching or concerning my Worley estate whare with it haith him pleased God to Blefs me with my desire is that all my Just debts be paid out of my estate first then that my beloved wife Providence Leak use acqupy and pofsefs and injoy all my lands money on hand at intrest of any other ways due me all my house hold and kitchen furniture all my stock of all kinds and property of every kind to me belonging or may becom due her natural life or widowhood and at her death or intermarriage my desire is that My Beloved Son Samuel Leak have the Land that I now live on Witch I bought of William Dandy containing one hundred & seventy Seven acres and at his deaht to his Living Ishue and all the Rent of my property to be equally divided between all my children I appoint My Beloved Wife Providence Leak My SONS Wm Leak and Samuel Leak to be the executors of this my Last Will and testament and I do hereby testify and conferm this to be my last will and testament Revoking and disanulling all other wills by me made in Witnefs whareof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this 7th of Jan. in the year of our Lord 1807 --

Signed & Sealed in presence of
James Holley
William Carter
Newman Gary

William Leake (SEAL)

Dendy Grandparents

The William Dandy mentioned in William Leek's Last Will & Testament is almost certainly William Dendy who is mentioned in a Laurens County, SC land transaction with William Leek in 1797. Dendy is said to have originally been granted the land in 1786. Records show that William Leek, Sr. also bought land from a Thomas Dendy in 1793.

Not only did the Leeks and Dendys swope land, but they also paired up their children in marriage, which, of course, qualifies the Dendys as another set of grandparents.

Here's the trail:

William Dendy married Clara/Clary Cargill
their son Joel Dendy, Sr.
his daughter Mary "Polly" Clara Dendy (third generation)

Cargill / Tinsley Grandparents

Joel Dendy, Sr. was born in VA about 1768 and died in 1852 in SC. His mother, Clara/Clary Cargill, was the daughter of John Cargill and Rachel Tinsley.

Children of William Leek and Providence Bryant:

1. William, Jr., b. Culpepper, VA 1753, m. Martha Simmons Mar 24, 1782 Caswell County, NC, d. Oct 27, 1814, Clinton, Laurens County, SC.

2. Samuel, Sr., b. Culpepper, VA 1755, m. Jane "Sally" ?, died Mar 1, 1823 Laurens County, SC

3. Providence, b. 1760.

4. James, Sr., b. Feb 1, 1765 Culpepper County, VA, m. Francis "Franky" ?, Caswell County, NC in 1784, also married Keturah "Kitty" Griffin, d. Sep 2, 1839 Pike County, GA.

5. Bryant, b. Culpepper, VA 1768, m. Susannah Griffin, also married Sarah Sims, d. 1837.

6. George, b. VA 1769, m. Margaret Young, d. Oct 23, 1819 in Laurens County, SC.

7. Josiah, b. 1770.

8. Jeremiah, b. 1780, m. Elizabeth Jane Chandler Apr 4, 1822, also married Jane Brown, d. Fed 27, 1853 in Laurens County, SC.