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One American Family

First Generation
William, Sr. / Providence Bryant

Second Generation
Samuel / Jane "Sally"?

Third Generation
John / Polly Dendy

Fourth Generation
Elizabeth / SJY Carlile


Elizabeth Leak Carlile
1837 - 1926
Contributed by Anne Carlyle Thompson, courtesy of Rev. Jimmy Gaines
Samuel Joseph Young Carlile
1833 - 1903
Contributed by
Bobbie McCrary Taylor
Fourth Generation

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Leak, the youngest of John Leak and Mary "Polly" Clara Dendy's ten children, was born May 22, 1837 in Spartanberg, SC. She was a young child in 1843 when her family moved to Cassville in Cass (later Bartow) County, GA. Later, the Leaks moved to Adairsville.

Some years later Elizabeth met Samuel Joseph Young "Joe" Carlile who had recently come to live with the family of James Parker, a Presbyterian minister in Adairsville. Rev. Parker, whose wife was Joe's sister Martha, performed the ceremony when the two married Nov 26, 1854.

Joe and Lizzie Carlile moved to Cassville, Bartow County, GA about 1876 where they farmed and, as the eulogy below states, began attending Best Chapel. Their son, William "Will" Madison Carlisle, was a building contractor and in 1905 built the church where Best Chapel still holds services.

After Joe died on Jan 10, 1903, Elizabeth lived with her sons, Will and Bascombe. Several Letters to Elizabeth written during those years have been preserved.

Elizabeth died Jan, 29 1926 and is buried in an unmarked grave next to her husband, Joe, in Cassville Cemetery, Bartow County, GA.

Bobbie McCrary Taylor contributed the following eulogy which appeared in the Bartow County, GA newspaper shortly after the death of Elizabeth Leak Carlile at the age of 88.

In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Carlisle

God in His divine wisdom, who doeth all things well, saw fit to take from this world the mortal remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Carlisle. She was born in Spartanburg, S.C. May 22, 1837. She was a daughter of the late John and Poly Leak. She came to this county with her parents at the age of six years, in which she spent the rest of her days with the exception of one year she lived at Dalton, Ga.

In December, 1854, she was married to Samuel Carlisle. To this union was born twelve children, ten girls and two boys. She was a faithful and loving mother. She raised all her children to be Christians. Her home was a home where family prayer was offered. Her children were all grown before the family circle was broken. Preceding her to the grave is her husband and five daughters.

She united with the Poplar Springs Methodist Church at the age of 15. When she was thirty-nine she moved to the Best Chapter community in the Best Chapter Church she put her membership of which she was a member at her death. She was always a faithful member, ready and willing to do all that fell to her lot. Her home was always thrown open to those who wished to enter. She took special pride and pleasure in entertaining her friends. Her pastor always knew he was welcome at her home anytime. Her sweet disposition won for her scores of friends. She was always a friend in deed and need.

To mourn her loss she leaves seven children, forty-two grandchildren, fifty great-grandchildren and ten great-great-grandchildren. Oh! how we will miss her, her sweet ways, kind words, and good advice. And those little hands that have done so much pretty work for us will do no more. But God knows best. Our loss means heaven's gain.

A Grandaughter,
Aileen Carlisle

Children of Elizabeth Leak and Samuel Joseph Young Carlile:

1. Martha C. "Mattie" Carlile, b. Dec 8, 1855, m. Whitfield Anthony Venable Apr 30, 1876 Bartow County GA, d. Mar 19, 1919. Whitfield Anthony Venable b. Dec 12, 1854, d. Nov 21 1898. Both are buried in Poplar Springs Cemetery, formerly Towers Family Cemetery, Bartow County GA.

2. Mary Anne "Mamie" Carlile, b. Nov 22, 1857, m. William P. Gaines Dec 29, 1897 Bartow County GA, d. Jul 8 1937, buried Cassville Cemetery, Bartow County, GA.

3. Serena A. "Annett" Carlile b. Apr 16, 1859, m. James A. Eubanks Mar 19, 1882, d. Aug 29, 1903.

4. Alice C. Carlile b. Jan 1, 1861, m. G. H. Linn Sep 18, 1884 Bartow County GA, d. Oct 1943.

5. Ida Clara Carlile b. Dec 19, 1862, m. Andrew Mattison Gaines Dec. 21, 1882 Bartow County GA, d. 1941.

6. Ada Lillian Carlile b. Jul 6, 1865, m. Linton Clifton Crow Nov 2, 1886 Bartow County GA, d. May 21, 1897, buried Cassville Cemetery, Bartow County, GA.

7. William Madison Carlile b. Aug 5, 1867, m. Emma Thompson Jan 20, 1895 Bartow County GA, d. Jan 23, 1946.

8. Atticus Bascomb Carlile b. Jun 25, 1869, m. Ava Jane Kemp Jan 10, 1896, d. Nov 11, 1951.

9. Maggie D. Carlile b. Apr 3, 1871, m. Polk D. Wilson Nov 21, 1897 Bartow County GA, d. Aug 15, 1927.

10. O. Elizabeth "Bessie" Carlile b. Nov 29, 1872, m. Andrew J. Thomason Aug 26, 1897, d. Feb 1940.

11. Josie E. Carlile b. Sep 22, 1874, m. Ernest Clifford Cunningham Dec 12, 1900 Bartow County GA, d. Nov 12, 1907.

12. Daisie Leak Carlile b. Aug 3, 1877, m. Roland Melvin Wallace July 1900, d. Dec 27, 1920.