Posted: 7/11/2000


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One American Family

First Generation
William, Sr. / Providence Bryant

Second Generation
Samuel / Jane "Sally"?

Third Generation
John / Polly Dendy

Fourth Generation
Elizabeth / SJY Carlile


This letter is from Elizabeth's brother, Whitfield Leak. Elizabeth was probably living with her son, Bascomb, at the time. The envelop baring two-cents postage is addressed Mrs. Elisabeth Carlile, Folsom GA, Rt 2.

Vernon Texas
January 21, 1913

My Dear Old Sister, it has bin so long since I have tried to write that I can not do much at it but I will do the best I can this leaves us all in comon helth I hope it may reach you all well.

We have had some verry cold weather and the people that has not got thir cotton all picked is having a cold time. I was glad to hear that you was getting along as well as you. We are getting along as well as we cood expect. Lewda my oldest son stays with us and hels us. Our children wants us to go and stay with them but I tell them that I will stay at my own home while I live I am now past 80 and of corse I will not last long but my consolation is that when the good Lord seas it is are ough I expect to hear the word come him then we will be to geath for ever never apart.

I would love to write a long but I am verry neavus and can not colect my thoughts much but I think that I will try to do better than I have bin doing and I hope will try to think up all the news and write me a letter every time you can.

I will close for this

yours as ever your brother

W Leak