Posted: 12/16/1998


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One American Family

First Generation
William, Sr. / Providence Bryant

Second Generation
Samuel / Jane "Sally"?

Third Generation
John / Polly Dendy

Fourth Generation
Elizabeth / SJY Carlile


This letter to Elizabeth Leake Carlisle from her daughter, Maggie, is undated. The reference to Polk is to Maggie's husband, Polk Wilson. The reference to Daisie is Maggie's sister.

Dear Little Sweet Mother

Polk is going up there so I am sending the thread. Hope it is all right. The green is not very good but was the best I could do.

We are all well. Daisie is doing just fine. She was here one day last week and she don't seem like the same woman. She is just as jolly and you don't know how good it made me feel for she has been in such bad health.

Well our protracked meeting closed last might. Had a real good meeting a real old time Methodist shouting time. It carried me away back when people wasn't ashamed to shout and praise God. The preaching was not so good but the spirit was there and that is what we need and want. I think this is the most spiritual church I ever saw. I am glad we happened it gets in such a ____ .It is so sweet to go to church and feel so at home especially in such a place as this.

Everybody is having measils. I guess our children will get them. Mrs. Campbells children has them so I guess Lizzabeth will have them.

Well Polk is about ready to go and Mrs. Sanford has come in. I will have to say goodbye. Hope I will see you soon. Will try to come before long when we get our car ready and the roads get good. I guess you all are busy with your garden and flowers. I wish I could come and stay a week with you all. I wish I had a good place for flowers. Am going to have some pot flowers. Will have to quit. Love to all.