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One American Family

First Generation
George / ?

Second Generation
Edward / ?

Third Generation
John / Sophia ?
Fourth Generation
William / Mary Norman

Fifth Generation
John / Ruth Wilson

Sixth Generation
James Major / Martha Lofton Dalrymple

Seventh Generation
Margaret / Samuel LaFayette Pittard

Dillard: One American Family

To their credit, not a more fervent group of family researchers exists than those with a Dillard link. We have the work of a handful of devotees, stymied only by lost records, to thank for a pretty firm and mostly unbroken history in America spanning more than 350 years. With sufficient certainty, we can now piece together a documented trail from Bartow (formerly Cass) County GA, back to Laurens District / Newberry, SC, back to Virginia, and finally to England, or at least to a ship setting sail from there that delivered the first Dillard to America.

It will take a doggedly determined group to sort though such a mess. A lot of confusion centers around formally published misinformation about the Laurens, South Carolina Dillards, our branch among them. Researchers of that region have long struggled to bring order to a family with generation after generation of too many men named James and John. Since the Laurens area lacked a stone cutter prior to 1832, chizeled toomstones older than that didn't exist for cemetery researchers to document.

Major confusion raged over an early Dillard spouse, whose last name was Major, and another early Dillard, who achieved the rank of major in the Continental Army. The Major family name was passed down to Dillard offspring for several generations and in one incident given to a male child as his first name. Researchers mistook it for the military rank. Curiously, our grandmother, Martha Lofton Dalrymple, played a central role in the mix-up, and when we discovered that Martha married two men named Dillard (that's right, Martha Lofton Dalrymple Dillard Dillard), the snarled knot began to untangle.


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Howard V. Jones

Bill Dillard

William Major

Valerlie Wigington

Linda Cornutt

Pat Carey

E-mail List:

Dr. Lee Adair

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