Posted: 7/16/2002


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One American Family

First Generation
George / ?

Second Generation
Edward / ?

Third Generation
John / Sophia ?
Fourth Generation
William / Mary Norman

Fifth Generation
John / Ruth Wilson

Sixth Generation
James Major / Martha Lofton Dalrymple

Seventh Generation
Margaret / Samuel LaFayette Pittard

Second Generation

Edward Dillard was probably a son of Immigrant George, the first Dillard in America, but no record exists of when or where he was born. Edward apparently married, though we have no information about a spouse. Records do indicate he had three or four sons.

We know that Immigrant George, or another George Dillard, patented 139 acres in King and Queen County VA in 1694. Ten years later in 1704, Edward paid quit rent on 150 acres in King and Queen County. Three other Dillards also show up on the quit rent rolls in King and Queen County that year: Thomas for 175 acres, Nicholas for 150 acres, and George for 325 acres. The relationship of the four to each other or to Immigrant George is not known, but it's a good guess that they are closely related and perhaps brothers.

A debate persists over George with 325 acres; is he Immigrant George living on his original tract of land with three grown sons, including Edward, nearby? Since George has the most property, it's logical to think of him as the father of the group, but he could be the oldest of Immigrant George's sons with inherited property. We will never know.

In 1737, Edward Dillard is believed to have purchased 190 acres from John Parks in Orange County.

Probable children of Edward Dillard and ?:

George b. about 1710, m. Pricilla Major, d. ?, will written and proved in 1790.

Thomas b. ?, Winifred Nalle, ?, d. ?. Referred to by researchers as Thomas Sr.

Edward b. ?, m. ?, d. ?. His son, John, co-founded the town of Dillard in Rabun County GA.

John b.?, m. Sophia ?, d. after 1794. Referred to by researchers as John The Elder.